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Parents New Favorite

Double Knee Massager

Prevent+ Maintain +Relieve Pain


Parents are Getting Old

These pain and unmentionable disease are annoying your parents and affecting their life.


  • Knee pain
  • Rheumarthritis
  • Stabbing pain
  • Swelling of the knee

Massage to Relieve Knee Pain Effective Care for Parents

The knee joint lacks the protection of fat and muscle and is easily damaged. If you do not pay attention to prevention and maintenance at ordinary times the knee will appear congestion, swelling or pain, weakness, joint effusion, squatting difficulties, walking restrictions. Through joint acupoint massage, it can promote blood vessel circulation, release joint pressure, and effectively relieve knee pain caused by inflammation such as osteogenesis, effusion and synovitis.


High Frequency Vibration Massage Remove Knee Fatigue

Low, medium and high frequency vibration massage can relieve knee fatigue, maintain knee strain and give knee a comfortable experience.


HD Large Screen Display Function Operate Simply

13 inch HD large screen, which is clear and easy to operate. Parents can directly use.


Wireless Massage System Be More Convenient for Middle-aged and Old People to Use

Built-in large capacity lithium battery, be rechargeable and durable. The product is only 2kg weight, easy to wear and be portable, which is more suitable for contemporary people's living habits.


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