NIPLUX丨Rakuten Neck Massager Category Top1

NIPLUX is a famous Japanese massage personal care brand that specializes in beauty and health care equipment. At the beginning of NIPLUX's establishment, Pentasmart cooperated closely with it. In the product development stage, Pentasmart customized the appearance and color matching for NIPLUX based on the demand feedback and suggestions of NIPLUX on the Japanese consumer market. In terms of quality, Pentasmart pursues excellence. With the assistance of NIPLUX, the product quality has reached the stringent standards for Japanese market access.

The first neck massager jointly launched by both parties, with a minimalist appearance and comfortable experience, has been popular among Japanese consumers since its launch. It won the top 1 sales in Rakuten shopping site.


Sollus丨Abdomen Massager Won the Favor of all Women

Nomisk, a brand owned by Sollus Inc., is a brand dedicated to helping women lead healthy and vibrant lives. Advocates no need for medication, and through a specially designed heating massage device for women, helping women alleviate pain, relax their bodies, and enjoy happiness.

So Pentasmart developed an abdomen massager for it. Its portable body and pink appearance which consistent with platform attributes. In order to further enhance the experience, with the assistance and advice of Nomisk, Pentasmart has promoted the improvement of product solutions, upgraded the massage and hot compress experience, and perfectly matched the needs of Nomisk's population. Once the product is launched, its sales are booming, and indicators such as the deploitation rate of independent stations show an alarming upward trend.


Zespa | Knee Massager Care About Parents’ Health

Zespa, a company a company located in Korea, whose purpose is to care about the health of customers and create a beautiful and healthy life for customers. This company that sells massage equipment is our perfect partner.

Pentasmart designed a double knee massager, which is very suitable for people to relieve knee pain. The double knee massager has red light, air pressure, magnet, voice prompt functions, operated by the buttons and a large LED screen, which is a good choice to be a present for parents. So many customers buy it to take care of their parents’ body. We also cooperated with them in a single knee massager, which has EMS, air pressure, vibration functions. Thus customers could choose their favorite one.


Olzori | Cupping Device for Woman’s Beauty

Olzori is a brand specially provide products for women in body beauty, which is also our strength. We specially designed a cupping device which has 5-level of suction, heating, 8pcs magnet stones, red light and blue light functions. A wonderful gua sha machine for customers to use it combined with essential oil to reach a comfortable spa at home. No flame, no smoke, which is very safe and convenient. Its size is small and people could handle it easily. It made for Russian so its voice is in Russian. That’s totally available for people customize it to be any languages they need. If you wanna have a wonderful scraping cupping gua sha experience, choose this cupping device, you won’t regret.

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