OEM 4 Massage Heads Kneading Neck Massager Shoulder Neck Massage Machine Trapezius Muscle Massager

  1. Mechanical kneading+heat
  2. Heat: 40/43/45℃
  3. Massager intensity: 3
  4. Timing: 15mins

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Trapezius Muscle Massager

Relieve Muscle Fatigue

Target the trapezius muscles



  • Trapezius
  • Neck-shoulder
  • Hot Compress
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5 Core Advantages

Be your private masseuse / Scientific Maintenance


5D Mechanical Massage Head

Precisely kneading trapezius muscles


Simulate Real Life Massage Techniques

Strongly protect neck & to the deep fasdia


Large Hot Compress Area

45°C constant temperature hot compress


Wireless Design

Back Buckle Desianfreeing up your hands


Easy To Use

3 modes & 3 intensity

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How's your neck and shoulder?

Work long hours at a desk

Stay up late watching TV

Stay up late playing game

Causes shoulder and neck trapezius creatine

numbness, swelling pain, tightness

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Human-Like Massage Techniques Massage neck, shoulder and trapezius muscles at the same time

Relax shoulders and neck for quick pain relief



Synchronously knead your shoulders

Cover the shoulder and neck important points, fixed point in-depth massage, restore the real finger tensioning and strength

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Powerful 5D Massage Heads

Independent soft touch massage head, micro-rebound design, almost human finger touch, restore the real sense of finger massage

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45°C Constant Temperature Large Area, Warm Up Fast

The heat source continues to infuse thescapulocervical trapezius muscleDeeply relax muscle groups and pain relief

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Not Just Massage And Heat More Able To Manage Your Health Status

Ergonomic wearable design, effectively fit shoulder and neck, posture correction

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Large Capacity Lithium Battery

Long Endurance

Built-in 2200mAh battery, powerful battery life

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Detachable Washable Design

High quality material that resists friction

Soft lining, can be removed and cleaned regularly, easy installation, better care for neck skin

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Easy To Use

3 modes & 3 intensity to meet different force requirements

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Applies To All Neck Sizes For The Whole Family

Ergonomic Angle--48° golden Angle, effectively support dispersed cervical pressure




Thick Neck Size

Suitable for the elderly, fat people

Thin Neck Size

Suitable for most womenand other small people

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<55dB Low Noise

Quietly enjoy a relaxing massage


15 minutes smart timing fatigue swept away

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Name: Neck and Shoulder Massager

Model: uNeck-6921

Battery: 2200mAh

Temperature: 40/43/45℃±3

Strength: 3 strength

Charging: Type-C

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