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5 massage modes.

16 levels of EMS.

One remote control.

LCD touch screen.

One pad + one remote control + one host

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Leg Slimming Mat


Professional Massage Therapeutist


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6 Upgraded Functions

  • EMS Technology
  • 5 Massage Mode
  • Keep Leg Fit
  • Light weight
  • Smart Sensor
  • Remote Control
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It’s never too late to keep your leg fit!

Cannot Stretch By Limited Space

Leg Edema Leg Soreness

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Daily Massage

Relieve your Legs in 15 min.


Intelligent EMS Technology

Through the electrical muscle stimulation,our muscle group can fully exercise.

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How EMS Work?

EMS Workout

Massage wherever you like, even you’re on your phone.

Exercise in Gym

Easier to limited by spaces and locations.

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16 Intensity and 5 Massage Modes of EMS Technology

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Removable Device

High-tech makes the life easier.

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With the remote control, you won’t need to band down.

  • Mode
  • Screenlock
  • Adjustable Intensity
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Remote Control

LCD Touch Screen

If you haven't used ems products before, we recommend you to start from low ems intensity.

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Intelligent Sensor

As your foot are away from the mat, The functions will intelligently stop.

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6 Steps to Operate


Attach the device on the mat. (Magnetic Absorption)


Place your foot on both side.


Long press the on/off to turn on.

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Press M to switch the modes.


Press +/- to adjust the intensity.


After 15 min, the device will turn off.

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How Thoughtful The Designs

The devil is in the details.

Lightweight Massage Mat

PU&HBR Materials High Perspiration Fastness Water-proof, Non-Slip Easy to Clean

Type-C Charging Port

Easy to charge your device.

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