Do You Know OEM and ODM of Massager?

OEM and ODM are very common which massager industry adopts. It shows two kinds of cooperation modes when producing the portable massager. Many companies, especially newly established companies, would like to look for a massager factory to produce the competitive massagers for them to sell, but they don’t know what are OEM and ODM when the factory asked them. So now let me introduce them here.


OEM is a common cooperation type, many companies work with the factory in this mode. It means that the client choose one or two models of the portable massagers among factory’s products, and discuss with the factory to add the logo, change the color, adjust the functions and customize the packaging. This cooperation mode is good enough for the client to create an unique brand selling in the market. The massager is special enough to show the information of the client. That’s the commonest way people choose.


Another is ODM service. It’s a better way if the client wanna make a unique product under their brand, which others cannot make or imitate the same machine or mould. It means that the product can be only sold by the brand party. ODM is also devided into different factors, industry design (ID), electronic srtucture (hardware and software), prototype making (appearance prototype and functional prototype) and mould making.


ODM service requires the ability of R&D of the factory, so the factory need a professional engineer team to solve the hardware and software problem, even ID. It’s good news that Pentasmart has a professional R&D team of 25 engineers, which is qualified. During the cooperation, Pentasmart will help to confirm ID, and make appearance prototype and functional prototype for the client to check if the product meets their requirements. If all are confirmed, we could move to the mould and mass production!


Above are OEM and ODM services, client could choose a suitable way to create their own brand. Pentasmart supports both of them, and we’re qualified to make the dream product you want. Look forward to your contact.


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Post time: Oct-24-2023