Knee Physiotherapy Instrument Recommendation

Have you found? Once a person gets old, his legs are very easy to be tired, especially in the knee joint, which will always feel sore. My parents often complain, so that I am always very worried. After all, the health of our parents is our greatest wish as children.

Some time ago, I went to consult my friend who is a doctor. She told me that in fact, there are many instruments that can alleviate the problem of knee pain. For example, knee massage instrument. As long as you massage for about 10 minutes every day, the phenomenon of knee pain will be much better. Although I didn't have much confidence in this product at the beginning, in order to make my parents feel better, I made some special strategies, and then selected a knee massage instrument. Unexpectedly, they thought the massage effect was really good!

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What is the function of knee massage instrument?

1. Relieve knee pain and physical fatigue. For the middle-aged and elderly people, long-term knee pain will greatly affect their mood and body shape. The knee massage instrument will play a very good role in alleviating, so that the elderly can sleep at ease every night, which is very suitable for their elders and parents.

2. Promote the speed of blood circulation inside the body. Although the knee massage instrument is mainly aimed at the knee, the blood circulation of the whole body affects each other. The massage of the knee can also relax the whole body and let people say goodbye to the cold state of hands and feet.

3. Relieve daily stress. Nowadays, many brands of knee massage instruments are not only suitable for knee massage, but also can massage body parts such as elbows and shoulders. One machine can be used for multiple purposes and has high cost performance.

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Precautions for knee massage instrument.

Although the knee massage instrument has many advantages, for some symptoms such as knee wear and ponding, the massage instrument can not play a therapeutic role. It is an auxiliary role. If you want to eradicate your knee disease, you still need to go to a regular hospital for treatment and follow the advice of professional doctors. 

In addition, when massage, the initial strength is not suitable to be too large, especially for elderly friends, the knee itself is already very fragile. It is recommended to use low and medium-range massage strength, so as to achieve better massage effect.

How to choose a knee massage instrument?

Massage mode

For a massage instrument, the most important function must be massage. In fact, the middle-aged and elderly people use the knee massage instrument most, and their knee joints often feel sore. At this time, the mode adjustment function of the massage instrument needs to be as simple as possible. Try to select the knee massage instrument opened by one button, which is more convenient to use.

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Endurance time

Try to choose a wireless and convenient charging massage instrument. It has a built-in lithium battery. Generally, if the service life of the massage instrument is more than one week, it is quite good.

Lining fabric

Different brands of knee massage machines choose different lining materials, such as PU leather material, linen woven material, etc. you can choose freely according to your preferences.

Practical function

Now most massagers on the market have additional functions to meet all your needs for massage. At present, the core functions mainly include hot compress, air pressure, vibration, red light, magnet, etc., which are very practical functions.

Post time: May-05-2022