Is Massage Instrument IQ tax?

1. Benefits of massage on cervical spine and lumbar spine.

To solve the problem of preventing and alleviating cervical and lumbar spine is to massage, alleviate muscle fatigue and prevent muscle soreness. Massage promotes muscle movement, promotes blood circulation, and releases muscle tension caused by long-term single posture, (long term tension will lead to muscle loss of elasticity). Massage can also relieve muscle soreness, improve the stiffness of cervical and lumbar spine, and help sleep. In addition, massage is a posture to enjoy life. Massage helps you relax your muscles and spirit, let you get rid of the tense rhythm of life and enjoy life better.

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2. Is the massage instrument useful?

First of all, we should take a positive view of this product. Small massage pillows and massage instruments simulate finger pressure massage, which can really relax muscles, relieve fatigue and improve back muscle strain. However, it is impossible for us to hope that this thing can immediately eliminate our fatigue. You know, the reason why many people suffer from lumbar muscle strain is that they sit in an incorrect posture for more than ten hours, and inadvertently maintain this habit for more than ten years or even decades. A small massage pillow is only a few hundred yuan, so we ask him to treat long-term problems in one day, which is unscientific.

If it is shoulder and neck strain to be treated, in addition to going to the hospital for medical treatment, more importantly, we should pay attention to maintaining the correct sitting posture, combined with exercise, stretching, etc.

However, many people know the truth, but often when they are busy with work, exercise is put in the last place, and then when they get home, they will have low back pain and muscle strain for a long time.

At this time, a massage pillow at home can relieve fatigue. The back is like someone helping to knead and warm. I feel that "the pain of the whole body is slowly spreading around", how comfortable it is.

Of course, treatment should be carried out in combination with other methods and the improvement of usual behavior habits. However, relieving pain can also greatly improve the situation of "low back pain" on that day. Besides, a massager only needs 1-2 times to go out for massage. Isn't it worth buying?

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Post time: May-05-2022