Do You Know Head Scalp Massager?

Pentasmart releases a new product! The head scalp massager is a high-tech product designed for the modern fast-paced life. It is aimed at groups who are in a state of high pressure for a long time and often feel head fatigue. It integrates kneading and red light, which can relieve stress in all aspects and improve sleep quality. In addition, it is suitable for users who need to improve scalp blood circulation and promote healthy hair growth. This head scalp massager is an ideal holiday gift to bring health and comfort to your friends and families.


It uses advanced massage technology to simulate the massage feeling of human hands, bringing users the ultimate comfort experience. Its intelligent design allows users to freely adjust the massage intensity and mode according to their own needs, whch greatly improves the convenience of use.



Charging: magnetic


This scalp massager uses an innovative massage claw design to accurately stimulate acupuncture points on the scalp, promote blood circulation, enhance the supply of nutrients to the scalp, and effectively relieve headaches and scalp itching. The massage device has a level 7 waterproof effect and can be used in the shower to help users clear their hair and bring users a more comfortable massage experience. What are you waiting for?

Post time: Oct-18-2023