Can a Fascia Gun Replace Static Tension or Foam Shaft?

The first conclusion is that the fascia gun can replace foam shaft, but it can not replace tension. The principle of the fascia gun and the foam shaft is the same, but it is different from the principle of stretching. The fascia gun can only relax the fascia, but can not stretch the muscles. The correct relaxation order is to relax the fascia first and then stretch the muscles. Because the fascia is relaxed, only the nodules are reduced and the muscle fascia is smoothed, but the muscle is not stretched, so we can stretch the muscle after using the fascia gun.

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Fascia gun can lose weight and shape, thin legs?

Fascia gun does not have the effect of weight loss and shaping! Experiments show that it is impossible to lose weight by relying on the vibration of fascia gun. As long as there is product publicity that fascia gun can lose weight, it is deceptive. In addition, local vibration and massage can not lose weight. There is no basis in terms of kinematics and metabolic mechanism.

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Usage of fascia gun

The fascia gun should be used where the body is rich in muscles, such as arms, thighs, lower legs, hips, latissimus dorsi, chest muscles, etc. do not massage for too long at the same time. It is best to move back and forth on the muscles.

Here are the appropriate areas for muscle relaxation given by the rehabilitation doctor.

Superior trapezius muscle: tension will cause local pain or spasm. Discomfort of cervical spine activity is mostly caused by long-term chronic strain or fatigue. Choosing a fascia gun to relax the abdominal part of the superior trapezius muscle can play a very good antispasmodic role.

Latissimus dorsi: low back pain often affects our daily production activities. Latissimus dorsi is a flat triangular muscle, which is located in the posterior shoulder belt and joins the upper limb together with the central axis bone. However, the latissimus dorsi covers the lower part of the lumbar region and chest region. The flexion, extension and lateral flexion of the lumbar spine will constantly pull the muscle, which will also produce pain over time. Selecting the waist part for fascia gun treatment can release the waist pain, which is also a good selection point.

Triceps crus: it is a general term for muscle groups, referring to the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles at the back of the leg. Many people who are good at walking and running are often very nervous about the triceps of the lower leg. At this time, the triceps of the lower leg can be relaxed back and forth by using fascia shooting, which can achieve a very good effect of relieving muscle tension.

Post time: May-05-2022